Romania: ‘GO’

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Sometimes God gives us the power to simply show love to the professor that seems to hate us.  Or to do the dishes for the third night in a row.  But other times, He calls us to really big things—at least in our eyes.  He may call us to go somewhere we’ve never been, where they speak a language we’ve never heard.  It doesn’t matter how big or small it may seem to us; it is all a part of His plan.

God is always working in ways that are beyond our comprehension.  If we are honest, there are days when we wonder if God is listening, and then there are other days, when His voice roma-MMAP-mdis undeniable.   He calls us to action, and normally in the place where our fear and rationalizations would be, there is something else in us that says “I will go.”    Recently, I had one of those Yes-this-really-is-God-and-I’m-talking-to-you-Jane kind of days where I felt God tugging at my heart, asking me to go.  This May I will be going to Romania with the Twenty Somethings Group at Hope Church.  Much of our time will be spent running a Vacation Bible school for gypsy children at a Community Development Center.  VBS will include crafts, outside games, Bible lessons, and music.  We will also be doing a work project which I hear involves cleaning…as the organization queen with OCD tendencies, I can’t complain!

I believe the Lord has put this trip to Romania on my heart, and He wouldn’t let me forget about it.  His voice was louder than all the other voices telling me why I shouldn’t or couldn’t go.  He just kept saying ‘GO.’  I have gone before to Philadelphia, the Adirondacks, Savannah, GA, Boston, Toronto, and most recently to Long Beach, New York to serve and make faithprints.  I am privileged to be used by God again and I hope you will ‘Go’ with me as I prepare for this trip.  How can you “go”?   First and foremost, go with me in prayer:  pray for safety, wisdom, and for hearts to be open to new experiences, including mine!  Go with me, by reading my blog and offering your comments, questions and encouragement!  I will be leaving Faithprints at every step of the journey and how awesome it will be to know that you are walking with me.   Finally, if you are so led and would like to offer financial support, that would be appreciated too! (Watch for details in my next blog!)   I am so looking forward to all that God will do and I’m so glad that you are coming too!

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