Great Expectations

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’  And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!'” Isaiah 6:8


If you know me at all you know patience is not my forte.  I’m a full supporter of ripping off the band-aid, jumping into the pool all at once, and putting the ice cream in the microwave because it won’t soften fast enough.  If I were Isaiah, I can see my revision of that verse, “Here am I.  Send me!  RIGHT NOW!  Let’s go! What are we waiting for?”

Waiting for May 30th when we leave for Romania has not been easy.  I am greatly anticipating everything the Lord has in store!  His timing is perfect, but sometimes like a daughter to her Father I find myself asking God, “Are we there yet?!”  The only way to keep my sanity is to actively wait.  I am constantly in the Word, and asking God to prepare my heart.  This season of my life has been a huge time for learning and growth.  One thing He has taught me is that trusting Him means giving up control.  It means being okay with the not knowing.  He has used my brother to teach me that listening to His voice doesn’t mean just listening FOR something but listening TO Him.  Whatever He has to say, regardless of if all my big questions are answered.   I am so thankful that God is getting me ready for how He is going to use me–both in Romania and beyond.  And writing this blog will help me to record my process of preparation!

The first tangible way I have prepared was by getting my passport!  This will be my first international trip–sorry Canada, you don’t count.  sdfkjI also broke open my ten year old piggy bank and spent hours in front of the TV rolling coins to go towards the cost of the trip.  Every bit counts!

 Your continued prayers for our team and the people we will serve are greatly appreciated.  As I learn to wait, wait, and wait some more–and be content while waiting–I am thankful you are here reading this and waiting with me!  Stay tuned!

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