The Star of the Show

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and HE will act.”  Psalm 37: 5

The trip to Romania is just 12 days away, and since I’ve been home from college, it is becoming more real that this is actually happening!  Our two student leaders have already been in Târnăveni for a couple of weeks so far, and we have gotten word that things are going well, and we have a great group of kids waiting for us!  You can read about what they are doing, click here!

Bible lessons, crafts, and team devotions are being planned, and my excitement is building!  I am writing this blog post from my Mom’s mini iPad which I will be taking with me on the trip to hopefully post about what God is up to as much as I can.

God put Psalm 37 on my heart this week.  In fact, He literally made the wind turn the pages of my Bible open to it when I was out reading on the deck. It’s full of “fret nots,”  “trust in The Lords,” “be stills,” and “wait patientlys.”  It’s just one of those passage where God opens rapid fire on my heart.  I am convicted when I realize how awful I can be at these skills, especially  as I prepare for Romania.  Many things need to be planned, but at the end of the day God is asking me to take a giant leap of faith (probably my biggest leap ever) and I’ve got to let go and let Him lead.

I think sometimes I get confused.  If I  could just do exactly the right thing, if I could learn how to trust or fret not or be still in exactly the way God wants me too, then He would be pleased with me.  While it is true that I need to work on my habits and always strive to be more like Jesus, it turns out that GOD is the one who acts and He is already pleased with me, simply because He created me to be a part of His story.


He’s the star.  Our job is to fret not, to wait patiently, and to trust.  A humble calling to say the least.  He doesn’t call us to be the hero, to be right all the time, or to have it all together.  He asks us to let Him do His thing and do what we can to share His gospel to the end of the earth.   We won’t let Him down because we were never holding Him up.

While we are on earth sometimes His movie feels like it’s missing scenes, characters, or a big climax.  Sometimes I royally screw up my lines, and sometimes I forget what the movie is ultimately about (Him, not me).  We just have to trust that the Director knows what He’s doing, and look forward to the day when we get to watch it with Him in heaven.  Now THAT film is worth paying for an $8 bucket of popcorn!!

One thought on “The Star of the Show

  1. Jane, seeing the pictures on your friends’ blog also made your trip more real to me. I am so excited for you and Kathy!!! 🙂 Remember that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. I really don’t think Jesus was being figurative, although moving a mountain doesn’t seem like it does anyone any good. The point I’m trying to make is, I think this kind of faith is a complete abandonment of self. When your heart says “Jesus, YOUR will, not mine” He can and will do amazing things, miracles. Don’t be surprised if you see some crazy miracles happen that you’ve never seen before. I have a feeling there will be healing and help that is unexpected and will blow your mind. God put Ephesians chapter 3 on my heart for some reason, so I thought I would share that with you. Check verses 14ff.

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