Beauty is Where You Find It

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11

beach]This week the Lord has shown me that my life and this world is full of beauty if I take the time to look for it.  We can see it in Creation, in the people around us, and in the experiences He gives us.

I visited the Lilac Festival last Sunday and admired the flowers as well as the two beautiful sisters in Christ I was with.  I listened to a close friend open up about the deepest parts of who she is, and where she has come from.  I walked the pier with another friend and was amazed again that such a marvelous piece of nature is so close to home.  After our miserable winter, I sat out and appreciated some of the nice weather we’ve had and remembered the warmth of the sun.  I watched my beautiful baby sister go off to prom, and couldn’t believe the woman she is becoming.  I received pictures of some adorable Romanian gypsy children that we will get to meet.  We leave THIS FRIDAY!  I could see such beauty in their eyes.

This world is so full of sin, I think sometimes I miss it’s beauty.  I can be too quick to point out what is going wrong, or worse, what could go wrong.  I am impatient, I worry, complain, and get frustrated because  I often forget that I can control my thoughts.  I can decide if I am going to dwell on the good or the bad in this life.

I truly believe that if I look for sin, heart-ache, injustice, cruelty, and pain, I will find it.  Satan is just as real as God.  It is important to acknowledge what we are up against, but I believe if we look for beauty, love, grace, joy, and peace we will find those just as well.  In fact, there is beauty to be found even in places we don’t expect.  I know that the kids in Romania may not be in “beautiful” situations, but if I pay attention, I know the Lord will show me their beautiful hearts.  We can also find that the joy that comes from Christ is unlike anything else, it is long-lasting, and doesn’t depend on our circumstances.

There are tragedies that happen in this life that leave us utterly heart-broken, completely devastated.  If you know me, you know that I don’t sugar coat things.  As humans it is okay for us to be in pain, to struggle, and to feel defeated at times.  But the best news is that in Christ, nothing on this earth can truly defeat us.  He has already won the victory that matters the most, that provides us with an opportunity for redemption and a relationship with the creator of the world.  I believe that God has a purpose for all things, and He makes them work together to reveal His beauty, and His greatness.  Sometimes as humans we unfortunately miss it.

I think God has so much beauty He wants to pour over us, that we couldn’t handle it all if we could truly fathom it.  I have been blessed to get a taste of God’s beauty in just my little life.  How marvelous to think about what God is revealing to everyone who believes in Him and actively seeks to enjoy Him and His creation.  Even better, we can look forward to that celebration in heaven when we can finally have fullness of understanding, and bask in the beauty of our Maker!


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