Romania update: End of VBS


Today was our last day of VBS, and saying goodbye to faces like Jacob’s broke my heart. Jacob was a sassy little one, who would be meditating in the corner one minute and then racing around pretending to be a dog the next. The kids that I have been blessed to work with this week have taught me so much, I am just beginning to process it all. I will keep posting as I am able to make sense of the incredible things God has done. For now I can say that I know I will be leaving this place changed.

We also had to say goodbye to the translators that we have had for the week. I did not anticipate these guys to be such a huge part of my experience; their willing and caring hearts were a blessing and I am so thankful for the friendships that developed so quickly.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Tarnaveni and we will have the opportunity to do some sightseeing and more touristy things. Thank you for your constant prayer, and praise God with me for all He is doing here in Tarnaveni, Romania!

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