Serving in Cincinnati

Hello Friends! We’re here safely in Ohio! Normally I would make  blog post super fancy.–but from my IPad with limited time- a gallery of photos and some words that won’t be adequate will have to do!

We are serving with an organization called Group.  What Is awesome so far is that each youth on site has a role to play whether it is  work director, program coordinator, break maker and more! How amazing to see each youth take a leadership role! And bonus– the first night the staff asked for volunteers to lead worship. Who answered that call? All three youth from Hope! Tears in my eyes- which is not a shock to those that know me.  

We are serving on two different sites.  One team is heading to a nursing home every day to interact with those that are wiser.  Already, there are stories of fabulous checker games, dances with wheelchairs and a God moment with a lovely lady named Dorothy that a Hope youth shared during program time. 

The next team is serving at a place called Matthew25 Ministries!  Please google it as I am unable to hyperlink at the present time!  It is amazing and even though we have no air conditioning and the work is monotonous- we are extremely motivated by the tour we took at the Global Village inside the facility.  Examples of disaster relief, replicas of how the people live in 3rd world countries were extremely telling and heart breaking.  Although we will never see the people we are helping this side of heaven, we know that God is faithful and that what we do makes a difference. 

As we serve in Ohio this week and learn to REFRAME our faith, we thank you for your love and support that make this trip possible!


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