I Can’t Imagine

It’s Day 3 of the mission trip and we have been busy the past two days.  We wake up each morning to the fabulous sound of music blaring through the church’s PA system.  The first day it was “Happy” which of course prompted Meredith and I to break into spontaneous dance!  Alas we danced alone because while the girls did rise, it took a little while for them to shine!  The Nursing Home adventures continue with crafts, coloring and BINGO.  It has been a blessing to be at the same site and make a deeper connection although several Hopers including one leader, have claimed that they are Ruth’s favorite and Dorothy will speak to no one but Aaron.  Matthew 25 ministries have been absolutely grueling as the weather has been hot inside the warehouse.  They give us as much water as we want and we take mandatory breaks when it is too hot.  We continue to sort clothes  and have moved from donations from college bookstores and local businesses to hospital gowns, linens and scrubs. We asked the student leaders how many bins they could sort before lunch and they looked at the sea of bins and thought 30 would be good.  They hit that goal in no time and extended it to 50!  They soon learned the motivating power of team work and filled 171 just after lunch time.  When there was nothing left to fold, they had us sort large incontinence pads that were donated because there was a problem with the packaging in the factory.  Words can’t describe what it’s like to watch teenagers complete this task in very warm conditions, all the while stating “I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have what I need, not to be able to run down the street to Wegmans and go get it.” It’s hard to believe that incontinence pads can be inspiring  but they totally are.  Instead of complaining about what they had to do, they appreciated all they have.  God really is in everything!  Last night we went to the Creation Museum which was just as awesome as it was educational and the fact that several made friends with a camel in the petting zoo was an awesome bonus.  Later we tried to make our own creations and stretch our comfort zones. It was our version of Painting with a Twist which of course we renamed to “Twisted Painting!  Our devotion included the idea that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, beautiful and flawless because of the cross. (Check out the new Mercy Me song of the same title.” Today our adventures led us to reblending donated paint.  They explained that the tubs we were working on would go out into 5 gallon drums today!  We’re a little tired but extremely blessed that flooding knocked out the outdoor showers before we got here and we get to shower at the YMCA!  We continue to be amazed.  When a call goes out for volunteers to pray or serve, it is often a Hoper that steps us first!  We are so blessed to serve with these tremendous human beings!  Thank you Jesus that no one snores!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures!                                               I

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