Joy Unspeakable 

Hello again. A bittersweet last day of service at Matthew 25 Ministries and the nursing home. Noah played the piano and his guitar and the residents sang along.  The old grey mare truly isn’t  what she used to be after our rendition.  Simple joy that a resident may not remember past tomorrow but something our youth will cherish. 

Our last day at the warehouse brought more sorting of public donations-so many clothes with the tags still on! The good news is that most of the others were in great condition.  It’s awesome to know that donations really do get to where they need to go.  We also went back to the paint reblending center and this time got to see how all the colors were combined. 

Another part of our service here was cleaning the building and preparing and serving the meals and cleaning up.  The food was bulk mission trip food so sometimes when you actually love what is being served, you are willing to wait for seconds. See exhibit A:  

We have learned much about each other and even more about our Amazing God!  Tired? Absolutely! But reframed and renewed to make the trip back home! One more blog to follow! 

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