Kunkel 25th Anniversary Grand Adventure

So welcome to the Kunkel 25th Anniversary Grand Adventure.  We hope one day that you would take one as well.  There are many reasons you will tell yourself why you can’t go, one of which will be the cost involved, which was a big concern for us. We decided to make the trip anyway, because the cost of not going was far greater. (We have a great travel agent we can recommend, that kept us in our budget.)  25th wedding anniversaries only come once and for some they never come at all.  We are blessed to be able to celebrate this gift.  So off we go.

First stop, Paris!  Actually the Toronto airport to fly to Paris.  We met a fun couple in their green-mountains_2220833k70’s who told us that going to Alaska in February should be on our bucket list.  Apparently we can rent an RV and drive on the ice and see ice sculptures, the aurora borealis and more. (#notfeelingit) Perhaps their greatest message was go live it up because you only live once, it’s okay to be a little crazy! #preachitsister.   Soon after they left, we met a gentleman who sat down next to us with two cases we could tell were an alto and soprano saxaphone.  Turns out he is a musician from South Africa who had a gig playing jazz improv in Canada.  Very cool.

We arrived in Paris without much incident besides a crazy shuttle ride to get to our hotel.  Apparently oo la la, isn’t always said in a happy way.  Although the dj’s on the radio speak french, the music is American.  Yes, it’s true, we whipped and ne ne’d through the one way streets in Paris.  At least I did, to keep my mind off the break neck speed we were driving at.

Our hotel is small  and in a great location.  It only has 30 rooms.  The elevator literally only holds two people.  We added two pieces of checked luggage and two carry ons.  We got stuck!  After we stopped laughing long enough, we figured out that the way you go into the elevator is not the way you go out.  We were free at last and ready to check out our room.

Off we went for a walk, and to explore the area.  (This is what happens when you marry an Eagle scout.) The Eiffel Tower is beautiful, especially at night and who knew that Thomas Edison was a big fan.  A champagne toast at the top was quite delightful!

Dinner was at a place called Chez Francis and as you can see it turned out to have a beautiful view of the tower at night and heaters on the awnings to keep us toasty warm. The meal was spectacular and the company awesome.  There are no words to describe being in the city of love with the love of your life!

mugWe are off to explore more of the city.   While we could have signed up for a group tour, we decided to create our own which we call the MUG tour.  While we were on the roof of the Eiffel tower, we bought a mug (#lovethecoffeehere #MondayMugforRCBB) and our goal is to check out some of the places on it which we think will be the most Magnificent, Unique and Grand- see what we did there?) and bonus–we’ll be on our own schedule.  Watch for one more Paris post to include our Louvre, Notre Dame, and Sacre Couer and whatever -we come up- with- adventures.

Kunkel Observations:

Everyone rides bicycles-not uncommon to see business men and women strolling about in suits and some accessorize very well. (P.S. Men wear scarfs #classy)

The taxis have a red light across the top of the cars when they are in use which at first makes them look like police cars.  They’re not.  It’s all good.

If the building is huge and has a flag and some statues, Bob takes a picture.  We’re going to figure out what they all mean later.

The streets and shops are very narrow.  We’ve walked everywhere so far.  Tomorrow begins a metro adventure.


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