The Almalfi Coast Chronicles

The final days of our trip were  on the Almalfi Coast.   We spent a day with a tour guide to soak in the highlights of Positano, Ravello, Sorrento and Almalfi.   It was breathtakingly beautiful in so many ways.   Our favorite meal here was actually on a mountain top between two of the towns.  The guide knew of a family that runs a restaurant for the locals.  Look closely at the picture.  You will see that there is no label on the wine because they make it themselves as well as the pasta, tomatoes and olives and all their herbs.  They are completely self sufficient on the mountaintop.  Homemade ravioli with walnut sauce which Batina, the chef and momma, whom we had the pleasure to meet, made herself and then another pasta that was equally delightful that I forgot the name of  (#IrishGirl) but not the taste.   We also ventured into an Emeraldo Grotto which brought a brilliant green color with every splash of the oar.  The cave also contained stalactites which our guide joked, looked like Guiseppe Garibaldi, a well regarded Italian general and politician.

Our hotel room was half way down the mountain, which involved many steps, but as you can see the view was worth it.   We had a porter who carried our bags (#AlmalfiCoastNinjaWarrior) but in other places they took the bags down by donkey.  The weather was beautiful, in the 80’s and we had the joy of spending our last day on the beach, with our traveltoes in the Mediterranean, trying to take it all in.  We really went.  We were there.  And, Bob has over 800 pictures to prove it.  It was an adventure of a lifetime and gift we will continue to give each other until it’s paid off!  The experience was priceless and as I shared before we left, there are no promises in life, save those of an amazing God that has blessed us abundantly.  Thanks for travelling with us!


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