Tie Your Rope to Anchor Hope

Every summer brings a chance to go boating.  I don’t have one mind you, but I do know people that do and  I affectionately refer to them as my boat buddies. I am fortunate to call one of these seafaring souls “cousin” and we have a marvelous outing at least once a year.

lakeNow, I’m not a water skier, or a parasailing prodigy; far from it and both are almost impossible from a pontoon boat.  Our skill set consists of taking a ride around the lake, dropping the anchor in a sunny spot, jumping overboard and floating.  We clip our rafts together, tie ourselves to the anchor rope and relax.  Every once in awhile we have a big thought but for the most part we’re just trying to soak in what we can of each other’s lives.  And, later, when the sun starts to set or our skin starts to shrivel, we pull ourselves in, haul up the anchor and call it a wonderful day.

The Bible tells us, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19.  It’s a different kind of anchor mind you, because it’s such a different kind of hope. Make no mistake, human hope isn’t always a bad thing: “I hope that it doesn’t rain”, “I hope my daughter remembers to call me” and a personal favorite: “I hope that the Buffalo Bills finally win a Superbowl”.

anchor-681857_960_720The Hope I have in Jesus is  really the only hope that can anchor me because it extends beyond time and circumstance. Should the waters become turbulent in my life, by God’s power, I will remain steadfast.  I will tie myself to His promises and remain secure in His Word until the storm blows over; until the way is made clear. Jesus still has the power to speak into my life today what He spoke to the disciples back then, “Peace! Be still!” Mark 4:39

And yet, should the storm rage on, and the outcome be less than favorable, I will find my rest in the harbor of heaven.  My anchor and my future just as secure as they always were.

Anchor Hope also changes my perspective now and allows me to see beyond the surface. Bills to pay? Stressful relationships? Health issues?  If I seek Him first, experience has shown me that His Hope brings peace in the midst of chaos, strength in weakness and joy in unexpected places. As I grow closer to Him, I trust more and more that He really is who He says He is, which must mean that all of His promises really do apply to me.  I still need to pay the bills, but I’m not weighed down by uncertainty. I am anchored in His Hope and it not only floats my boat, it changes everything.





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