A Picture Perfect Memorial Day

memorial-day-354082_960_720 (1)I was in the middle of my search to find just the right pictures to use in the Memorial Day posts  when this photo caught my eye.  I was looking for a picture that would go beyond the picnics, parties and even the parades into the very core of why we gather for Memorial Day. The flags that represent those who have fallen for freedom are very telling especially  when you realize that they symbolize just a smidgen of all who have answered the call to serve so freedom can ring! Honoring the brave is a necessity. Ceremonies, parades, and presentations this weekend will extol their praises and it’s truly  well deserved. As I see all who are gathered along the parade route each year, I have to admit that I will never understand why some do not exercise their right to vote. Voting is a tremendous privilege. Every time  a ballot is cast, it’s a thank you to someone who has sacrificed, served or is serving now. (Stay tuned for future blogs on how to vote when you don’t like any of the candidates)

There is always a moment during the parade in our town, where I become overwhelmed and tear up (#closetothesurface) as I am reminded that there is such a huge cost to crossfreedom.  There  was a similar moment when I looked again at the picture and was moved by the Cross in the background.   What an outrageous price Jesus paid for our freedom. Mighty God, Holy One, Prince of Peace and yet off to battle to protect the ones He came to save. What bravery to stand on behalf of future generations and boldly face the enemy when you possess the power to flee and save your own life.  Victorious, Jesus defeated death once and for all.  For those who believe, it is not the end.  It’s the beginning of a glorious beginning.

This weekend the flags at cemeteries and the cadence of the soldiers marching will remind us that death is the ultimate sacrifice; freedom is never free.  Do I live in such a way, do the decisions that I make, reflect how truly grateful I am that someone has fought on my behalf?  Even as we speak, there are others who have answered the call to serve and remain steadfast and vigilant in protecting us.  In their honor, we must embrace this gift of freedom and choose the life that God has called us to as well.  As we gather with those that matter most, we must remember what matters most.

cropped-step.jpgMaybe it’s hard for you to believe that God is for you or that He even exists in the first place. There is so much evil in this world.  Thank you for your honesty in admitting your true feelings.  Death brings life.  Doubt brings faith. Follow us @FaithprintRoc on Twitter and Instagram and join our Facebook group. (don’t laugh, we’re just getting started)  No judgment, no strings. Just people sharing the journey and figuring out the next best step together.  How grateful we are to have this freedom.

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